What this PSP covers.

steering group

The Kidney Transplantation PSP aims to consider all stages of the transplant process, including:

  • Access to the waiting list and pre-transplant assessment
  • The transplant procedure itself
  • Post-transplant care in the short and long-term
  • Management of the failed transplant and issues surrounding retransplantation
  • Living-donor transplantation

Scope will include both adult and paediatric patients and their carers and clinicians.

In order to maintain the focus of the process, we will be excluding:

  • Management of end-stage renal failure other than transplantation
  • Donor selection and management (other than living donors)
  • Issues specific to combined organ transplants

Who can get involved?

We would like organisations and individuals representing the following groups to get involved in the PSP:

  • Adults and children on the waiting list for a kidney transplant and their carers/parents
  • Adults and children who have previously received a kidney transplant and their carers/parents, even if this transplant has failed
  • People who have donated a kidney as a living donor
  • Medical doctors, nurses and professionals allied to medicine with clinical experience of kidney transplantation

It is important that all organisations that can reach and advocate for these groups become involved in the PSP and contribute equally.

If you or your organisation would like to be involved, find out how here.


Some organisations may be judged by the JLA or the Steering Group to have conflicts of interest. These may be perceived to adversely affect those organisations’ views, causing unacceptable bias. As this is likely to affect the ultimate findings of the PSP, those organisations will not be invited to participate. It is possible, however, that interested parties may participate in a purely observational capacity when the Steering Group considers it may be helpful.